African Jobs Portal

Introduction jobs portal is a dynamic, energetic, innovative, and transformative platform to reach Africans in the Diaspora and friends of Africa globally interested in helping transform the continent’s intellectual space. We are determined to attract competent professionals from across the globe, including those in industry and the academic fields with the required qualifications and experience to fill transformative positions across the continent. We want to inspire Africans, home and abroad, to make individual public commitments and take action towards the development of the mother Africa.

Our vision is to pool, map, and visualize within this jobs portal an outlet that will attract applicants for jobs in Africa that will aid in building a sustainable Africa. We are building an innovative verification system (i.e., that will allow employers to confirm or ascertain an applicant's resume statements in such critical areas including engineering, technology, management, medicine, health sciences, and humanities. We are setting strategic priorities and goals to attract and encourage internal and external talents to enable the continent to move ahead and stay in front of the pack.

Mission & Objectives

We help employees and employers find the best people for their available positions across Africa. Jobseekers, post your resume at the preeminent African site that fosters prospective employer and employee interactions. The Jobs Portal is devoted to promoting transparency in attracting intellectuals and expertise in emerging Africa jobs. We urge employers to pursue our standing view that Africa’s prosperity requires opening jobs to all applicants without favors, except experience, education and anticipated performance.
  • Our strategic objectives include:
    • 1. Promote and standardize the principles and rights at work
    • 2. Create opportunities for women and men to decent jobs/income
    • 3. Encourage the effectiveness of protecting all employees
    • 4. Promote equality and access to jobs in a competitive format.




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